Posted by: fudanchii | April 27, 2012

We’re moved

as of currently the blog moved to

Posted by: fudanchii | January 21, 2011

Let’s refill the site

It’s been planned since a while ago, for me to reconsolidates all of my blog. But stuck with uncertainty condition in real life and unstable internet connection is sucks. I haven’t had a chance to do this blogging stuff. Well now I’ll try to create that chance.

I change the tag line a bit. This site will dedicated to animations, comics, games, art works and/or stuff I found related. I might write some review, promote, reminiscing, or whatsoever. There’s no more personal rant or IT blabbering (move to this site) here.

I’ll might update this post later.

Posted by: fudanchii | April 12, 2010

let just say, I’m gettin bored

And I don’t even remember the last time I’m having fun with it…
so I decide to tear down my account…
catch me on irc, or ym…

no hard feelings

Posted by: fudanchii | February 7, 2010

random trial?

another failing revive trial???

Posted by: fudanchii | January 26, 2010

Kimi ijou, boku miman

Kimi ga warau, tabi ni kieru
uwakuchibiru purasu omeme
namida nagasu tabi ni fueru
hoho ni dekiru yasashisa no yo

suki tte ite daisuki tte
chousuki tte iyattemiru
suki mo se kurabe kyou wa
kore kurai ni shitoite yaru yo

boku wa itsudatte doko datte
kimi ga daisuki
dakara itsudatte umasou na no
chigai ageru no desu… no desu…

kimi yori kawaii ko
kimi yori yasashii ko
kimi yori mune no ooki na ko
hu pa hu pa hu

sekai wa kimi ijou de afure kaeteru
demo boku no sekai ni wa kimi shika inai kara

bokura itsudatte dokodatte
futarikiri da yo
dakara itsudatte naita tte ii yo
kowakunai yo

Lyric by: Deco*27
Performed by Deco*27 & Hatsune Miku

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