Posted by: fudanchii | February 12, 2008

it’s cheap

4 books for Rp 10.000,
last week at gramedia bargain book center
well it’s worthy enough for me
i decide to buy light novel
–girl’s book center 1
(not read it yet but i’m sure it’s about crossdresser  harem as usual)
–the curse bearer 2
(tori wa tori….no tame ni 2)forget the japan title…^_^
–the bodyguard 4
(kage kara mamoru 4) it’s about shinobi who protect the princess
–stratos 4
(i’m already watch the anime, well there’s so much fan service, don’t know about the novel)
well i think i will review the story here, don’t know when

spend more money this week…
lost my photo and need it for re-register my study…

my harddisk is full, please anybody buy me one…. 😛
well i’ve got new galge
lucky star no mori
alice pareedo (alice parade)

ready to play everybody!!!… 😀


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