Posted by: fudanchii | February 21, 2008

brokenheart’s week

yes… that’s for this week….
several anime i’ve watched for this week has a same theme…
broken heart…
clannad ep.18
Okazaki Tomoya has suspended in a place of Sakagami Tomoyo,
because the fighting with some bad boys…
recently tomoyo have been come along to Okazaki’s house every morning to wake, and pick him up to the school,
Furukawa Nagisa still resting because her fever…
knowing that Tomoyo aiming for the student council.. Okazaki help her… and ask if tomoyo is elected as council…
she can reform the Theater club.. of course it’s for Nagisa..
Fujiibayashi sisters, visit Okazaki’s house on Sunday bringing food… and find Tomoyo inside with apron…
then come Kotomi… and of course fuko…
everyone bringing food for Okazaki..
he pushed to eat all of it…
to help Tomoyo Okazaki ask her to challenge all sport club in the school,
and she win all of it..
nagisa then healed..
Okazaki looked closer to nagisa than before…
at the tennis match…
a ball throwed out… and hit nagisa knee..
Okazaki unconsciously get rid the tennis player who intend to help nagisa…
everyone watching… now knowing that Okazaki likes Nagisa..
Fujibayashi sisters crying……..


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