Posted by: fudanchii | March 29, 2008

Ookami to tabi no ongaku

the song of the wolf and journey
original soundtrack from spice and wolf (ookami to koushinryou)
it’s an anime serial with 12 episode + 1 special DVD
this serial was just ended…
i’ve got the album yesterday…
and notice that it just good….
i love the music…
it feels like you were brought to the old europe era…
surrounded with minstrel, sound of bagpipe, mandolin, etc..etc..
yeah… and there’s a song with title
ringo biyori ~ the wolf whistling song [sung by. ROCKY SHACK]
it’s a funny song… listen to the misspelled lyrics….
japanese people sure hard to spell english…. :p

tabi no tochuu [sung by. kiyoura natsumi]
is another great song…
the song is about this anime serial itself…
cool… (i love natsumi’s cool voice…)

this is the track list :
1. Shounin to Ookami to, Tabi no Nibasha
2. Tabi no Tochuu
3. Tooi Yakusoku wa…
4. Shippo Dance
5. Yume no Manimani
6. Hashiru
7. Kagen no Tsuki
8. Tsukiyo no Tategami
9. Hitoribocchi no Yume
10. Hikaru Wadachi
11. Ikoku no Shirabe
12. Zawazawa Suru
13. Hajimete no Mura
14. Nagai Yoru, Hieta Tsuki
15. Hamu
16. Yureru Mugi
17. Michi Naru Mono
18. Yoake Mae
19. Kimi no Moto he
20. Chiisana Tameiki
21. Kenshi to Yopparai
22. Tsuyoi Kaze ga Fuite mo
23. Tadashiki Tenbin
24. Satoki Hito Tachi
25. Wasurenaide
26. Kurai Mori
27. Matsuri no Uta
28. Henka
29. Mada Minu Machi he
30. Ringo Biyori ~The Wolf Whistling Song TV SIZE
31. Tabi no Tochuu TV SIZE

ringo biyori included here is just the TV version only..
there’s another two singles
Tabi no tochuu
ringo biyori ~ the wolf whistling song


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