Posted by: fudanchii | December 25, 2008

beyond the seen

I think I will write something about visual novel engine…
well I assume you were familiar with visual novel. there’s a bunch of engine out there on the internet to build your own visual novel… some of them were free, and open source, and the rest will make you pay for it. Right now there at least 3 stand out engines. first is NScripter/ONScripter, RealLive. and TVP/KiriKiri.
Since Leaf use their own engine we wont mentioned it…

NScripter written by Naoki Takahashi, and currently supported by Insani. ONScripter was a ‘mod’ written by Ogapee, since NScripter using directshow to rendering the whole media, therefore Ogapee rewrite the runtime executable and using SDL, so it can run on *nix variant platform… insani said that Nscripter is the most dominant engine in the market at the times…
Well IMHO, the time is flowing by… NScripter stores all game data in compressed .nsa archive

RealLive is proprietary scripting engine created by Key/Visual Arts. It is widely used by other companies though… This engine is the successor of their previous engine, AVG32… It’s kind a strange for Key keep the source code of RealLive for their own… when Leaf in the other hand, decided to open their source code against the fans… there is unofficial RealLive SDK out there… but no one maintain the project for the time being… And the SDK doesn’t support latest encryption from RealLive which is used by Little Busters, and other game released after 2007.

TVP/Kirikiri is the most widely used for the last two years… It is open source, released under GPL, and the project maintainer “W.Dee”, currently working on KiriKiri 3, which is planned to support *nix platform…
TVP/kirikiri engine contain two components, KAG and kirikiri, KAG used to declare scenario, image and sound, for visual novel, while kirikiri controlling the whole game system… This make Kirikiri very flexible, since the creator itself who decides how the game played… Kirikiri using high level scripting language which is java script derivative, called TJS… and it can acknowledge JSON format…
something lacked is there’s no english documentation…

Of course there’s engine with english main language, let say Ren’Py, and Blade engine… Ren’Py built on Python Language, and it’s open source, on the other hand, Blade engine remain as shareware, with commercial pro version license…


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