Posted by: fudanchii | January 2, 2009


Yep… this is the latest Round Table feat. Nino’s album

Distance includes 5 tracks from their previous singles + 1 song originally sung by Makino Yui for Aria the Origination sound track, and 6 original tracks + intro & fade out track.
Dont know why, but still their music color so refreshing in my ears…. Round Table keep their music pace on this album, but yet all the songs sounds fresh as it newly released… Even if you already listen to Atashi datte onaji koto omotteru yo, or Koi wo Shiteru for thousands time…
well for me, the most outstanding song is Yokogao, it gives me deja vu… and yes, the song was originally used as insert song on Aria the Origination, but it was performed by Makino Yui… Unlike Symphony, which is re arranged. Yokogao performed without any changed… But you know, Nino’s voice gently calming the atmosphere up here… eh….
the list
01. Long Distance
02. Koi wo Shitteru
03. Sayonara
04. Atashi Datte Onaji Koto Omotteru yo
05. Sunny Day
06. Toki wo Koete
07. Nemurenai Yoru
08. Akane iro no Sentimental
09. Oh Yeah!! -New Year’s mix-
10. Futsu no koto
11. Nagareboshi
12. Yokogao
13. Takaramono
14. Long Distance -reprise-


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