Posted by: fudanchii | February 3, 2009

Proof that Touko is a real monster…

according to what Touko said, there’s three way for monster to terrifying someone.
1. The monster should not speak
2. The monster should not identified
3. The monster can’t die

Yes this cute monster can’t speak but we can clearly identify what exactly this thing is… :3

and this is the “real” monster



  1. otaku’s joke?
    maksudnya itu gambar kedua peralihan neko gambar pertama gitu ya? o_O

  2. *abis nonton rakkyo 5 trus kesasar kesini lagi*
    saya baru pahammmmm!!!
    btw, rakkyo 5 bener2 keren ya!

  3. ahaha, yes of course… the story was so twisted and
    shiki is so moe in the end…
    oh I think it would be better if you comment with english πŸ˜‰

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