Posted by: fudanchii | April 24, 2009

Marble’s Hatsukoi limited win

yesterday I got the copy of their single…
this is their first single for this year after compilation album in Hidamari Land go Land.
And Marble apparently back to they old music style… yay~
well since their third album “te no hira” was kind of blended, I guess…
micco’s voice getting too low in several tracks >__<
but Hatsukoi Limited just give my old sensation about their music
nice guitar sound and mellow voice win…
this is the track list:
1. Hatsukoi Limited (apparently, it’s the ending of anime with same title)
2. Sora ni Mau (Dancing to the Sky, I guess… :p)
3. Hatsukoi Limited (off vocal)
4. Sora ni Mau (off vocal)

oh, and Micco seems play guitar too XD


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