Posted by: fudanchii | June 27, 2009

I miss my 1st ever beach party T_T

it sucks, I really want to go…
I think I’m not in good situation to going vacation somewhere, as current I have some project to do.
there’s not so much time since I have to finish the report by now. But then I think. it supposed to be alright if I just go join the folks. it’s not so big deal to pending the project and spend some time to do some fun. the report will remain finished by today if I can tight my schedule over the beach. but it might make me to miss some fun activity over there…
I don’t know…
I really want to go…

this is the result from
one of the worst decision I ever made.
to miss the FUN for some other fun.



  1. Hihihihi. Udah kelar belon? Hayu Liburan. Mau ke Bdg Insya Allah mgg dpan kalo jadi. Mampir ke t4 baru yah. 😀

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