This site may contain copyrighted images…
Banner and avatar is Chihaya Kousaka from Natsuzora Kanata, a visual novel by Yuzusoft.
other images are copyrighted by their respective creators…
And I claimed all those pictures was NOT my works…

Except all of those images, this site’s contents is not licensed…
or if I write something useful (most likely not), you can google for MIT/X11 license.
Therefore, all of you can do anything to the contents without any permission from me. As long as you not involving me in any circumstance caused by using the contents.

oh, and the english written in this site might be unreadable, has a problem with grammar, mis-vocab, or literally false. Well, that’s it…
Since I wrote all of those only for my convenience…
Any critics are welcome, though



  1. jahh..not your works, eh..
    *as if my header was really my work :P*
    Anw, I wonder, is this blog specialized on anime and japanese stuff?

  2. not rly, sometimes I might write about IT stuff, or just random babbling :p

  3. err… is it just my feeling or is this blog specialized on garuge.. πŸ˜•


  4. It’s yours… :p
    but, on second though… I think I will edit this page some next time… so people won’t get wrong idea about this site’s contents, thanks anyway…

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