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fresh student hobby :

the reaction is as expected

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opensolaris, dd usb image.

It was well known, that Open Solaris Development Team doesn’t support osol USB image. generate this automatically. And it’s recommended to use usbcopy shell script from within Open Solaris to dump that image into bootable flash drive. Yes, the folks had fuss about it. It is useless indeed, in my situation, to use Open Solaris to create another bootable source, since I don’t have Open Solaris on my system, and I don’t have “sane” optical drive. And hey, if I had one, I don’t need to create bootable USB right?

Thanks to Hiroshi Chonan, who creates this useful tools to dump the USB image from windows. Yay~ the problem solved…!

It won’t boot, actually. My machine just give me ‘GRUB _’ on the left top of the screen (with the blinking cursor, yes).
I’ve tried to investigate the problem, and currently exploring the source code right now, since I’ve got no expertise in C#, it might take a while.

The USB image itself is only disk dump from the root partition, the boot sector is not included. so you can’t just dd that image. or you can?
Fortunately, Hiroshi Chonan himself say this on his blog, that you can concat the boot image (he called this head image), with the usb image and dd them to your flash drive. And it’s work…. yay.

Since I have enough space for now. I guess I will stick on it for now.
fyi, I’m still using my Windows 7, and that fancy distro, err… what’s the name again… oh.. nebook remix, ubuntu. :p

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So how it goes

I’m writing this on firefox at karmic beta…. so far I’m not too impressed by karmic. Since I’m using win7 for a while by now. Yes there’s a lot of win7 feature that amused me. end user wise…
Windows live feature is great, I know microsoft tried to explore something like apple’s iLife. but it’s not rly problem here. windows7 succeed make this feature usable. another great feature is the whole windows explorer system, and its control panel. yes another mac like interfacing, but microsoft succeed to show it up. I’m not using vista. and I’m not regret about it. but sure 7 is one stop OS for daily use.. its hardware recognition is perfect. at least for my machine. there’s no need to install 3rd party driver anymore… It can even recognized and use Epson CX4400 (rrr I forgot the series :p)
scanner+printer, without external driver.

as for karmic… there’s not much different in interfacing design, canonical create another repo manager called ubuntu software center… but I still have to open ‘Add/Remove applications’ to enable community supported software, and non-free software repos.
Oh and I just tried gnome-shell before… it still not usable… using clutter js bind is not bad if the JIT compiler is optimized. but it looks like there’s a long way to go… in short. its performance sucks.
thei intel graphic module is updated… current kernel module fully use UXA method instead the old EXA for h/w accelerator. yeah
the response time is getting faster than before.
i guess gnome have to wait gnome-shell to rly show up its new faces.. even though their gdm is already updated… but nothing feels brand new.

well, just explore ’em by yourself…

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I miss my 1st ever beach party T_T

it sucks, I really want to go…
I think I’m not in good situation to going vacation somewhere, as current I have some project to do.
there’s not so much time since I have to finish the report by now. But then I think. it supposed to be alright if I just go join the folks. it’s not so big deal to pending the project and spend some time to do some fun. the report will remain finished by today if I can tight my schedule over the beach. but it might make me to miss some fun activity over there…
I don’t know…
I really want to go…

this is the result from
one of the worst decision I ever made.
to miss the FUN for some other fun.

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so, w3c standard is not that strict!

so there’s no problem actually, if the java script placed inline the html body.

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